Quotation Terms and Conditions

Quotation Terms and Conditions

  1. This quotation as well as all bookings and carriage are subject to the terms and conditions available at Seth Shipping’s booking confirmation clauses and to the applicable regulation.
  2. Unless otherwise specified in the quotation the payment terms of this quotation are subject to SETH SHIPPING’s discretion.
  3. The rates information included in this quotation is an estimation and may be changed at any time subject to SETH SHIPPING’s discretion and/or from the following reasons:
    1. Any quotation is valid only during the term specified in the quotation and is subject but not limited to all applicable and additional charges, local charges, the terms of this quotation, local agent’s fees, surcharges, fees, adjustment factors (such as but not limited to rate increases), terminal handling charges, port fees, overweight charges, documentation fees, customs charges, seasonal charges, congestion, winter fees, emergency risk surcharges, charges arise out of retention of container beyond the free time permitted in SETH SHIPPING’s tariffs or delay of the customer in the container’s pick up date and additional value added services requested by the customer.
    2. Any quotation is subject to the rules, exceptions and inclusions pursuant to SETH SHIPPING’s official tariff’s or other tariff as indicated.
  • Until final booking is accepted in writing, SETH SHIPPING reserves the right to introduce and receive payment of new charges and/or surcharges which are in addition to the rates which are presented in the quotation.
  1. The quotation is based on the existing rates (i.e. the rates which are effective at the date of the quotation). Therefore, SETH SHIPPING reserves the right to change or increase the rates provided in the quotation and receive payment for new charges/surcharges which are in addition to the quotation.
  2. SETH SHIPPING will charge the customer the rates, charges and surcharges and use any exchange rates which are applicable on the booking approval date. Therefore, this may lead to changes in the rates quoted in the quotation.
  1. This quotation does not constitute any commitment on behalf of SETH SHIPPING to carry the customer’s cargo and is subject to SETH SHIPPING cargo acceptance policies as well as to equipment and space availability at both the time of receipt in writing by SETH SHIPPING of the customer’s booking request and at the time of receipt of full container quantity to be stated in the transport document.
  2. These rates are unaffected by, and do not affect, any tariff notified, published or filed in accordance with local regulatory requirements. For trades subject to the US Shipping Act or the China Maritime Regulations Quotations or surcharges that vary from SETH SHIPPING Tariff shall not be binding on SETH SHIPPING unless included in a service contract or service contract amendment that has been filled with the federal maritime commission (“FMC”) of the Shanghai Shipping Exchange as applicable.
  3. Unless specifically agreed with the customer this quote is valid solely for the customer whose name appear at the top of the quotation. In case you nominate other party the customer warrants that you have authority to legally bind the nominated party relating to the booking as applicable, and, should that not be the case, you will assume full liability and shall indemnify SETH SHIPPING for any and all loss suffered or cost incurred as a consequence of the absence of such authority.
  4. Customer shall be solely responsible to compensate any party for any damages caused to any party in the event the cargo’s classification as provided by customer is different than actual and/or as required (such as dangerous goods, etc.). It is hereby clarified that SETH SHIPPING takes no responsibility and/or liability for such damages.


Estimated Transit Time (T/T):

  1. The T/T provided above refers only to the sea carriage between ports. For further details regarding the T/T kindly visit our website at www.sethshipping.com/
  2. T/T shown above or elsewhere are not guaranteed and form no part of the agreement with you. SETH SHIPPING shall assume no liability in relation to it.
  3. SETH SHIPPING reserves the right in its absolute discretion to modify the T/T at any time (prior or after the engagement with you) and without notice.
  4. In case multiple services are available – SETH SHIPPING may carry the cargo in any of these services subject to SETH SHIPPING sole discretion.
  5. Nothing of the above shall derogate from any provision set force in the Bill of Lading.


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